What is YottaChain?

The interstellar resource system YottaChain is a public blockchain. Based on exclusive technologies, economic models and governance structures, it connects global computing resources, storage resources as well as other blockchain storage systems to form a vast interstellar computer, which enables everyone to own the computing power and storage capacity like today's giant have. Furthermore, YottaChain can provide convenient, reliable and low-cost storage and computing services for other blockchains.

Problems with traditional BlockChain such as Bitcoin and Ethereum
Power Consumption Mining

1. Causing a lot of waste of social resources
2. It does not meet the social concept of “low consumption, high environmental protection”

Lack of governance structure

Lack of governance structure or without a decentralized governance structure, this blockchain project cannot be called truly “decentralized”

No Privacy

All data is public, personal privacy and corporate trade secrets are not protected.

Very low performance
Advantages of YottaChain
Data security mechanism

YottaChain is exclusively licensed by TruPrivacy patent holders,and exclusively integrates TruPrivacy cloud data security technology in block chain projects to ensure that data on the storage network is visible only to authorized persons.

Complete capability of “storage + computing + network + encryption”

YottaChain not only rewards digital storage for contributing storage space, but also rewards digital currency by contributing resources that are valuable to the ecosystem, including but not limited to storage capacity and computing power.

Decentralized Governance Structure

The execution of the YottaChain constitution and rules is implemented by code. The true expression of Code is law should be Law is implemented by code. How to ensure that the newly developed code perfectly implements the established rules is a key point in the governance structure of YottaChain.

Other important improvements

The nodes are divided into commercial nodes and ordinary nodes, which provide storage and computing services to ensure the reliability and stability of the services.

YottaChain's System Structure

YottaChain runs on a blockchain that can provide storage and computing,and provides content sharing applications and cloud disk applications. YTA is a certificate of YottaChain and is awarded to the users who contribute to the YottaChain ecosystem.

New Edition of YottaChain White Paper

Decentralized network resource system

The new YottaChain White Paper includes “YottaChain introduction, governance structure, account management, storage system, storage network, computing network, transaction market, content sharing application, cloud disk application, risk and disclaimer” and other major modules.

Download YottaChain White Paper
Sursen Interplanetary Core Team
Alex Wang

Founder and CSO of Sursen Group、top international IT scientist, well-known in China entrepreneur as well as rich experience in social governance

Will Hou

Entrepreneur with technical background,Former Director of research and development at Sursen Group,proficient in cryptology related technologies and has undertaken many data security projects of the top national confidentiality related institutions in China

Yvonne Li

Graduated from the University of Houston, worked as an engineer at Lockheed and NASA, served as director of international operations for semiconductor giant
KLA-Tencor, Later she worked as a mobile Internet entrepreneur in Silicon Valley

Peter Junge

Peter Junge got his master degree from university of Hamburg, Germany,served as senior engineer of Sun Microsystems and project manager of OpenOffice.org

Consultant Team of Sursen Interplanet
Laurent Liscia

International industry standards organization
OASIS Chairman

Louis Suárez-Potts

OpenOffice open source community
Director of operations for the Oracle community

Dai Wei

Former Director of Zhongguancun Management
Former Deputy Secretary General Beijing

Yang TianXing

Former Director of electronics computer division department
Former Director of National Beacon Committee

Xiao Zhao

Famous economist,
Director of research center of SASAC's macro-strategy department

Sihan Qing

Technical advisor of State Secrecy Bureau  
Member of “Online Bank Development and Supervision Working Group” of People's Bank of China

Hua PingLan

Former Director of Beijing information office
Former President of Beijing Software Industry Association

Yuan Dao(Chen Sheng)

Chairman of Zhongguancun blockchain alliance
Founder of China's largest private IDC century Internet

Fred Wang

Founder of Mars Finance
Founder of LineKong Interactive
Partner of GeekBang venture capital

Tao Jiang

Founder of CSDN
Founding partner of Geek-Bang venture capital

Michael Zeng

Vice president of Microsoft Asia Internet EngineeringVice president of Microsoft Asia Internet Engineering

Weidong He

Information security expert
Founder of TOPSEC

Yueqiao Bao

Founder of Ourgame

Xiangning Zhang

Founder of HiChina

Ruiqing Lu

Former chairman of Hailong

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